“You may delay, but time will not.”  Ben Franklin

Shut up, Franklin.  I’ll start writing as soon as I check this last Instagram update.  It’s kind of important that I find out just how many people liked my picture of that Pepsi Max can.  That was so funny!  You see, Gary was telling me how he hated Pepsi Max, and I told him that it wasn’t better than Coke Zero, and then everyone started laughing when he showed me…
…ugh.  Ok, ok.  I should start writing.
But I’ve got so much to figure out.  I mean, a book set in the years just after the first Superbowl?  I don’t know anything about it.  I’ll need to research some stuff first.  Yeah.  Just to get my bearings.  Just to get familiar with the speech, customs, uniforms, teams that played, what the ball was made out of.  Yeah.  I’ll just do that really quick.
Let’s see...first superbowl.  Oh that commercial.  That commercial was funny with the first halftime.  I’ll watch that really quick.  That was awesome.  Pepsi did a good job.  I didn’t see any Pepsi Max cans though.  
Oh hold on, I better check if any more likes hit my Pepsi Max picture.  That was so funny.  You know who would think that commercial is funny, too?  Gary.  I should text him.
…ugh.  Ok, ok.  I should start writing.

Ad infinitum.
How the heck DO you get started?  In my first podcast of Authorbrand, I discuss the goal of my new podcast, read some from Daisy Hill, and briefly talk about that very tough act of getting started with writing a story.  It can be very difficult – and it looks different for each person.
How do YOU get started on writings?  Do you plot everything out?  Throw characters into situations?  Start with a poem?  Song lyrics?  Describe the world and see who would live there?  
Regardless of HOW we do it, the hardest part is just DOING it.  Not even committing, or promising.  Sitting down and putting pen to paper and letting the words flow.  Usually, it’s pretty cool what happens, even if what we write doesn’t end up being the final result.
Without procrastinating research, videos, or posts about Pepsi Max cans.
Just let the story flow.
I hope you enjoy this week’s podcast!  Please subscribe through iTunes and leave a nice comment or review!  If you DON’T like it, drop me a line directly through my website and tell me why.  I can take it!  I hope to build my platform more effectively this way, and even encourage other writers to do the same.  
Missed the link?  It’s right here:  Enjoy!



08/14/2016 7:00pm

I've been through this before too. When you just want to start your paper and you can't find word or motivation to do so. It is hard to start especially when you feel so lazy and you just want to bum around. All I do is to try and focus, list my goals for the day and buy myself something after if I have finished those goals. In that way, I am allowing myself to enjoy something after. It is always hard to start, what matters is you start and be productive.

10/04/2016 4:10am

Link? Where is it? I can't find any link here, what are you talking about..

10/04/2016 6:31am

Sorry, this post is fairly old. Link has since changed. If you would like to access older episodes of Authorbrand - search "authorbrand" on iTunes. Thanks for the response!

10/13/2016 12:14am

That weeks podcast was awesome, of course I've enjoyed it! Like what you are doing!

06/20/2017 6:38am

I know how hard it might be to deal with procrastination. It might be extremely hard.


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