I recently entered a contest for a scholarship to the San Francisco Writer's Conference.  Had to be 250 words, and to answer the question "why I write."

Ultimately, I gave the "Story" quite a bit of character -- and even a little too much "control" over the writer.  However, I think they dig this kind of stuff -- and who knows?  If it wins, I can go this year for free.  :)

It's below.  Enjoy, and don't get weird on me.  It's a style thing.

Why I write...

The Being burns in my gut.  Hammers the inside of my ribcage.
Churns, froths, and bubbles in my soul.

     It is character.  It is circumstance, magic, event, adventure, tragedy.  It is love.  It is war.  It is a kiss, a murder, a birth, a wedding, and a funeral.  It has a name that is ancient and new —kingly and poor simultaneously.  It is here for the time being, and no half-wit mythical muse created it.  No.  It pants its own breath, licks its own lips, and smokes its own acrid cigarettes, thank you very much.
     No one made it.  It has always been here — and if it dies…well, by God, another one will take its place.  For it has a purpose and will see it accomplished.

     It is story.  The living, breathing story.
     It smiles, weeps, gasps, and pounds its fists in a fury at being trapped.  It wants so badly to get out.  Laziness has been called its captor.  Sometimes a sinister phantom named Block.
     But this story knows that its writer is coming, and no cell will hold it any longer.
     Yes. Through the fire of discipline, this raw material is smelted, nurtured, and formed — as layers of dross are scraped diligently through each agonizing draft.

The being burns in my gut.  Hammers the inside of my ribcage.
Churns, froths, and bubbles in my soul.

I must release it.  Give it room to grow, roam, pillage, and bless.

So I do what it wants.  I write.



12/28/2014 12:59am

Well said with effectively relayed passion.

04/16/2017 7:41pm

The first thing that came to my mind when I saw the title of this article, is an essay written by George Orwell entitled also as "Why I Write?" It's basically comprised of his personal stories in the process of becoming a well-known author. Even if I'm not that really into writing, sometimes I just tend to ask that question to myself, why do I write? And I think, I write to express and not to impress. I write because it's my way of converting all of my thoughts into words and that I don't need to impress anyone but me. The author of that essay that I just mentioned earlier, also talked about how every writer has their own different motives for writing and that's what really fascinates me because it instantly changed my perspective, every time I would see a book for the first time. Like, every book has its own purpose. A subliminal message that the author wants his readers to convey without saying it to them directly. It's pretty interesting how every book has its own meaning behind its cover and between its pages. That's just how the motives of a writer works in different proportions and in different time, just like how Orwell defined it by himself.

10/03/2016 3:30am

It's a great contest. I enjoy your writing style. It's so well-written.


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12/16/2016 6:54pm

There is a certain, unique, and personal reason why a writer writes. Some just treat it as their hobby, while most of them use writing as their medium to express their emotions. But for some, it's their way of introducing them selves to their readers. We all have different reasons why we write! By the way, your piece was nice. Hope you will win the contest!


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