The smell.
That's the first thing I dig, man.  I walk into that store, and even though there is an attached cafe and the milk steamer is hissing and the frappucino blender is...frapping --
I still love the smell of the books.
It smells like creativity to me.  It smells like potential.  It smells like the hope of an awesome journey.  
Sorry.  I tried the Nook.  I tried the Kindle.  I had several types.  I tried the phone app.  I tried computer screens.  I thought, "the iPad.  That's it.  It just has to be bigger."  
Nope.  Gotta have my paper.  
And books (to me) are an "instant gratification" thing, too.  I don't want to wait for a book that I'm excited to read.  I don't care how fast "prime" can get it to me with some weird and freaky experimental drone.  I want it now.  Don't get me wrong.  It's not some kind of whiny sense of entitlement or a "microwave-patience" that people talk about.  It's just the thrill of the story.  I read the jacket.  Saw the cover (and yes, I do care about the cover) and even tried out the first page or so.  Now I want to buy it and just...consume it.  It might be a quick read that only takes me a weekend (weirdly, The Martian) or it might be a tale that makes me battle through -- albeit with a fulfilling sense of accomplishment when I finally close the back cover (not sure why, The Passage.)  

To sweeten the deal for me specifically, my local bookstore -- and yeah -- I'll post it.  The Fairfield Barnes and Noble -- is straight up awesome.  Know why?  They like to work with local authors, too.  They're interested in building community with those that create and share the area with them.  What a joy!  Through this local connection, it has not only increased my desire to shop there and support other artists (especially other locals) but also to promote them and send my family and friends in as well.

Isn't that the way it's supposed to be?  So here it is:  Yes, it may be harder to keep brick and mortar bookstores open with all the online buys, and e-book stuff -- but it is TRULY the way to keep sharing the art of community creativity and enjoying the wonder of literature together.

Plus, the stores smell so freaking good.