...is ourselves.

Trust me.  I know it's hard.  You try and try.  Create, edit, throw out, recreate, fix, move stuff, yell, scream, cry, get reinspired, then create yet again.  I do too.  Creativity was never easy.  Even God rested after creating.  The hardest part is throwing stuff out there and getting feedback.

I mean real feedback.  Trust me, I've been like you probably.  Give it to the inner circle.  Family.  Friends.  Those whose love for you might overpower critique.  So they encourage, tell you it's good, great, or amazing.  Give some token things they MIGHT change, but ultimately they will offer more velvet than brick.  And trust me, we need that.  Sometimes I'll give something to my wife and ask her to read it and just tell me that I'm talented.  She obliges, of course, and my goofy writer-ego is restored.  

But when we put it out to the "world."  Well.  Things can change.  It looks different every time.  Many times it looks like this:

"Please forgive the impersonal nature of this letter, but due to the sheer number of queries we receive..." blah blah
"Regretfully decline"
"Going to pass for now"
or even
"Didn't grab us like we hoped."

Always tough.  At least for me.

But I always remember...unless I'm completely delusional like some poor tone-deaf American Idol contestant (and there's always the possibility) I CAN put pen to paper and create something that someone, somewhere will like.  I have the ability and talent to create story and characters.  And you do too.

So there's the hope.  We just keep going.
We keep writing and submitting. 
We keep taking chances on rejection and send stuff out.
Otherwise, we won't get that "yes" in a sea of "no's".

Miss 100% of shots not taken, can't catch a fish if the pole's not in, etc, etc.

It's true.  The only person that can stop me...is me.  The only person that can stop you...is you.

So I won't if you won't.

Let's keep going, get some people to like our stuff and build a body of work.